Toyota 2JZ HPS Piston & Connecting Rod Package 2JZPICON

Toyota 2JZ HPS Piston & Connecting Rod Package 2JZPICON
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High Performance is pleased to offer a savings package that includes HPS Pistons, HPS Rods, and Total seal. This package will not only save you a bit of money but will also save you the trouble of having to purchase components from several different places. One kit from High Performance is all you need!

Piston Specs:

·        Bore size 86.5mm

·        Comp. Height 1.338

·        Comp Ratio 9.0:1

·        Dish

·        Specifically engineered for extreme applications, including professional competition.

·        Dish features smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel.

·        Pin fitting and spiro locks included

Connecting rod specs:

·        Standard length HPS Connecting rod

·        The manufacturing process of these forgings are designed in such a way that it ensures a superior fatigue life by forcing the grain into the shape of a Connecting Rod.


To strengthen the Connecting Rod, the rod cap is forged separately to enable the grain to run perpendicular to the load forces.
HPS Connecting Rods allow maximum flexibility in using different materials to achieve optimum results.
These Connecting Rods also contain a high content of nickel & chrome to achieve greater strength and fatigue life.

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